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Zep's Dreamland LevelSets
Zep's Dreamland Levelsets
This is the Zep's Dreamland custom level set download section! Featured here are level sets created by Zep's Dreamland players! Please keep in mind that these levels are created by others. As their content is screened and the levels are played to ensure proper playability, some sets may contain data/levels which may produce undesired operation of the game itself.

Level Sets
Name Creator Number of levels Size
Blind Levels Dustin 4 levels ~4k
Forgotten Dreams loomsoft 10 levels ~6k
Mike's Evil Levels Mike Doty 5 levels ~4k
Zep's Deeper Sleep Damien Guichard 4 levels ~4k
Zep's New Nightmares Thowaa 5 levels ~3k
Zep's Odyssey Damien Guichard 10 levels ~8k
Zep's Return GameCreator 4 levels ~2k

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