Allegro Newbie Tutorial
Created by: Jay Bernardo
Email: jay(at)loomsoft(dot)net

Before we begin: This tutorial is part of the loomsoft resources section. It has been created for public viewing and that only. All materials are Copyright © 2007 loomsoft. You may not use, reproduce, or distribute this or any other linked files without permission.

To Start: What you are now reading are the loomsoft Allegro Newbie Tutorials. If you are new to the Allegro game programming library and are looking for a place to start, well, you've hit the right place. Here, you'll find tutorials for the total beginner, assuming you have installed Allegro but have no idea how to really use it. Each tutorial will have the code fully explained in webpage format, as well as have the source available for download: so delve in!

Note: Many of these tutorials were written with a version of Allegro that is much older than what is currently available. Therefore, when compiling these examples you may encounter warnings (and maybe even errors) about such functions like textprintf, which have now been upgraded to textprintf_ex. Consult the Allegro Manual for the newer versions of these functions that cause problems.

Please note that this code is not perfect! If you find any errors, of have any comments to make about it please email me.

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